About Us

The staff of Moto Freight Ltd formed the idea that it should be possible for bikers to explore the world on their own motorcycles, and that it shouldn't be too complicated or too expensive to do this. Although the freighting of vehicles isn't always "cheap", we have made great inroads in to making it far more affordable than it used to be whilst maintaining the essentials, such as looking after your pride and joy whilst still being aware of your time constraints and personal requirements.

Since this concept in 2006, the now Directors of Moto Freight set up the new company to continue pioneering the concept of motor vehicle shipping and finding new, innovative ways to satisfy the shipping needs of bikers and adventure travellers worldwide.

The staff of Moto Freight have many years' experience in freighting of all kinds, from general cargo to time sensitive medicines, bulk cargo, projects of 100's of tons, animals and perishables. You name it, we've probably freighted it! Our staff are qualified in the freighting of Dangerous Goods and we are members of  BIFA (the British International Freight Association), so we definitely have what it takes to freight whatever you need transporting.


To reinforce your confidence in us, we at Moto Freight are all bikers ourselves. We have ridden a number of different bikes in a variety of countries. We do own our own bikes and we feel, just as you do, that our babies must always be in good hands. We wouldn't trust our own bikes with anyone else.

We are very open minded, always open to new ideas and concepts and so we invite everyone to contact us to ask questions, tell us about your experiences or simply talk to us about your future plans - whether they be for travel, relocating or buying and selling abroad. What we don't know, we'll do our utmost to find out for you.