March 2014 newsletter

Motorcycle news March 2014 news letter

          Newsletter          March 2014


Spring is almost here. Dust off the cobwebs, service the bike, check the tyres and head out. 

For all Classic collectors, buyers and sellers it’s getting close to the Bonhams Auction and Classic Bike show at the Staffs showground. Only six weeks to go. If you have your eye on any particular lot number and you’re outside of the UK let us know the Lot number in advance and we can give you a price for shipping the bike/s back to you.   That way you’ll be able to work out your bidding budget in advance.

Our stand is A6 in the Argyle Hall. If you have your eye on a bike come to us for a price to ship it for you.

While on the subject of Classic bikes – we have storage facilities available so if you want it and don’t have space to keep it dry clean and secure. Pop in and we’ll talk about it. 

World travel is getting easier all the time. Freight rates are lower than they were a couple of months ago so tell us where you want to go and we’ll let you know what’s involved and the cost. 

Special offer: - As usual when we have extra space available we let you know so that you can take advantage of the opportunity. One of our customers has booked a 40’ container from the UK to Baltimore, loading 13th May, (bikes in a week before) and is looking for others to help share the cost. His own vehicle has a high roof which requires a 40’. There will be enough space left for either a standard size 4x4 or for 4 or 5 bikes. Contact us asap for more information as you will need to get your EPA paperwork approved. 


To prove that it’s not just the “older generation” who embark on Adventurous motorbike trips, 22 year old Rhys Lawrey is setting out to inspire younger riders or in general, younger people to become bikers and enjoy the world.

Rhys’s project is called 2mororider and his target is a Guinness World to be the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle. and Instagram -


Brave and inspiring Steph Jeavons sets off this month on her Honda CRF250 from the Ace Café in London on her Round the Work solo trip. 

With politics changing in many countries almost daily it is almost impossible to plan a route around the world and stick to it. Kevin Sanders’ saying “It’s not an holiday, it’s an adventure” will be truer than ever before. 

This will be a busy year with many exciting events so keep an eye on our website for details.