September 2014 Newsletter

September 2014 newsletter

A big thanks to Gabe and team for an excellent time last month at the Zen Cider festival. All bike events should have alcohol of some sort in the name. And thanks to Craig for bringing the AJP’s for everyone to have a play on.


Next up, and don’t miss it – The open Day at the Adventure Bike Shop in Sudbury. A great location, a great team and a great days riding. A number of special guests will be there – see the website for full details. The date for your diary is Sunday 14th September.


The very next weekend another great time to be had a Danny’s Haggsbank Bunkhouse. This is H.U. mini meet from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st. Book now so that you aren’t disappointed.


MotoFreight’s own Kathy Wood was on TV this week. In Adventure Bike TV’s episode four at 46 minutes in – Girls on Gravel


Breaking news – Customers have recognised that we do things differently here at MotoFreight and have asked if we can handle their general cargo as well as we ship their bikes. The answer is "Yes, we can!" To ensure that our regular biking customers are given the usual undivided attention that they would normally expect, we have opened a new division. This division handles non- vehicle freight such as project work and courier shipments. 

Exto Cargo will look after all of your freighting needs whether air, sea or courier you name it. Contact for more information.


Who’s where in the world:-

Steph Jeavons is making great progress in her world trip. After leaving the Ace in March she is now in Thailand. Click here for more information.


Rhys Lawrey is making excellent progress into his double Guinness World record and has just traversed Australia. Click here for more information.